Lander & Adriaan

Dimanche 03.07 - 22h30

Lander & Adriaan is a Belgian duo with drummer Lander Gyselinck (Stuff.,Beraadgeslagen,LABtrio) and Adriaan Van de Velde (Pomrad, Mauro Powlowski, J. Bernardt).

Their common fondness for slick digital synths and 90s underground dancemusic genres brought them together to submerge in symbiotic jams during the very first lockdown in 2020.

After a bunch of very successful under-the-radar concerts, they recorded an album in the summer of 2021 that will be released in the spring of 2022.

Their gently disturbed mashup of 90s dancemusic genres like Chicago juke, Detroit techno, UK-Funky, Classic rave, corny jazzfusion and mundane jazz impro brings you to a pleasantly disturbed realm of unguilty pleasures, sheer weirdness and pure excitement.

‘Post Nudism Rave’ they call it. Others call it ‘free rave’, ’confusi-trance’ and ’sophisti-rave’.

A  shiny 3D pixie fantasyland juxtaposed with a gritty dark smokey underworld of slimy aliens and smelly trols.

You'll be experiencing the quantum thrills of interplanetary ambient drones, sweet drumming frenzy, pulpy saccharine melodies, mushy basslines, all gently weaved into raw sweat-drippy dancemusic. Get (half) nude and dance!



De Vrienden Van Brosella vzw
Les Amis De Brosella asbl

Chrysantenstraat 28
1020 Brussel, België

BE 0430.989.113


Bert Schreurs
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Lua Huyghebaert
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