We really need you!

Do you carry Brosella deep in your heart? You like to roll up your sleeves and lend a hand?

Great! Then this is your chance to become a bold and beautiful Brosella volunteer!
Brosella is an almost free event, made possible by the support of many helping hands.

There’s so much to do… the build-up, accompanying the artists, driving artists from and to their hotel, participating in the kids animation team, and much more …

Let’s build a huge party together!

Or maybe you know someone who can help as a volunteer, for a few hours or a whole day?
That’s awesome! Go ahead, please share this information every potential candidate you can think of.

During the festival on 4 and 5 July 2020, but also during the build-up on 1, 2 and 3 July and the dismantling on 6 and 7 July, and the final clean-up on July 8.

Depending on the selected activity, from 1 shift of 4 hours to a few, from 1 up to 3 days (8 hours a day) or even more. Please note, during the festival, each shift last a minimum of 4 hours.

A full-day commitment is required for assembly and disassembly. The timetable details will be sent a few days before the festival. Please note we also require your presence half an hour before the start of your shift.

This is covering a lot: from pulling electricity cables, over placing barriers, to furnishing the artists' dressing rooms. This usually is more physical work, but there are also lighter tasks assigned on a regular basis. And you never work alone. Team leaders are always in the neighbourhood to coordinate the assignments.

While we’re at it, we would also like to make a strong appeal for help with the dismantling. Because it’s far from over when the festival is… well, over. But if we continue our effort together for another day or two more, the park will be once more in tip top shape, and cleaner than ever.

Saturday and/or Sunday shifts of +/- 4 hours between 11:00 and 00:30

• Bar

• Artists & crew restaurant - service and dishes

• Cakes & coffee - cakes, coffee and tea sale

• Box office - entry bracelets sale and drink coins sale

• Info stand - merchandising sale and festival information

• Kids Village - animation and make-up

This volunteer work covers the entire day on Saturday and Sunday. A single day is possible, but for continuity reasons, it’s not our preferred option.

• Artists hospitality - supervising one or two bands per day (reception/guidance/information), preparing and maintaining the lodges.

• Office - administrative and functional assistance and/or reception.

• Mobile team - a little bit of everything, where ever it's needed.

• Drivers - artists transport.

• Stage crew.

In addition to a unique & fun experience and a fantastic atmosphere, you will also receive a small fee, drink coins and your very own beautiful eco-friendly Brosella T-shirt per day. And of course, not to forget: our eternal gratitude.

On top of this, we will also thank you with a nice party after the festival!

Yes, you are properly insured. We take out two insurance policies. One covers civil liability and the second covers physical damages suffered by volunteers in the event of an accident during the execution of voluntary work or during travel to and from the event.

If you receive a benefit payment from the Employment Office during your period as a volunteer (job seeker, early retirement pension, TBS, etc.), you can cooperate without loss of benefits, but you must request (well in advance) permission of the National Employment Office (ONEM info sheet T7).