The 8th & 9th of July
Osseghempark Brussels, Belgium

During the festival, lost and found objects will be deposited at the Info Stand, where local police will regularly drop by to collect all identifiable objects such as wallets, ID, debit and credit cards, passports, mobile phones and smartphones. They will contact the owners if possible. You can also contact the local police yourself on 0032 2 279 88 60.

All unidentifiable items such as keys, clothes and bags will remain at the information stand during the festival. After the festival send an e-mail to


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Les Amis De Brosella asbl

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Bert Schreurs
+32 475 35 08 04

Lua Huyghebaert
+32 476 85 87 02

Inge De Pauw
+32 473 12 32 37

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