8 & 9 juli 2023
Ossegempark Brussel

Drawing basses

08 & 09.07
15:00 & 17:30

Improvisation session with Drawing Basses powered by Sabam for Culture

A musical drawing concert composed by an audience of all ages!

Drawing Basses. Or also: basses that draw. No coincidence: creator and bassist Kristof Roseeuw (a fixture in Belgian jazz and improvisation) brings several disciplines together in interactive performances with an exciting element of play.

The audience is the composer! At Drawing Basses, the audience becomes the composer and decides what will be played. Not by shouting out requests, but by supplying the score themselves. Crayons, markers and paper are at the ready, spontaneity is the key word. Those spontaneous drawings are then "translated" into music. At any moment, one of the musicians can choose a new drawing, show it and perform it together with the other musicians.

In short: everyone contributes to the concert in their own way, and you don't have to be an expert to do that. You will hear how different disciplines can shape each other, how surprised you will be to hear the result. Exciting and spontaneous, this is music making in its most accessible and collective form

Yannick Peeters (BE) - Double bass
Kristof Roseeuw (BE) - Double bass
Bart Maris (BE) - Trumpet
Joachim Badenhorst - Sax, bass clarinet, clarinet,...



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