8 & 9 juli 2023
Ossegempark Brussel

Trio Da Kali & North Sea String Quartet


16:45 - 17:30

Trio Da Kali is a group of outstanding musicians from the Mande culture of southern Mali, who come from a long line of distinguished griots (specialist hereditary musical artisans).  In an intrepid musical adventure, a remarkable torchbearer in the griot tradition, creating a concert as vibrant and free as it is soulful. Their aim is to bring to the forefront the neglected repertoires and playing styles of the griots.

Trio Da Kali take us back to the roots of this grand tradition, which, at best, is undoubtedly one of the African continents finest, most subtle, and sublime music. But they also bring a fresh, contemporary, and creative twist to their music in subtle ways, breathing new life back into this ancient music.

All three members of the trio belong to intensely musical families, who have passed on to them an astonishing wealth of songs. Much of this repertoire is forgotten or neglected, and yet, it represents the heart of a musical culture that has stood the test of time across many centuries. The Da Kali Ensemble show just how timeless and captivating this extraordinary musical heritage is.

Trio Da Kali

  • Hawa Kassé Mady Diabaté (Zang)
  • Lassana Diabaté (Balafon)
  • Mamadou Kouyaté (Bas n’goni)

North Sea String Quartet

  • George Dumitriu (Viool)
  • Pablo Rodríguez (Viool)
  • Yanna Pelser (Altviool)
  • Thomas van Geelen (Cello)



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