Pentadox ft. Felix Henkelhausen

11/07/2021 - 17h-18h

Adventurous Belgian free jazz

Pentadox is a contemporary jazz band with Sylvain Debaisieux (tenor sax), Bram De Looze (piano) and Samuel Ber (drums). With Pentadox, Samuel Ber has created a unique world. Together they search for new concepts in which composition, improvisation and musical interaction are important. Yet the three musicians retain a strong authenticity. Pentadox adventurously combines elements of jazz, classical music, avant-garde, improvisation, electronic and contemporary music. For this occasion they are bringing along German double bass player Felix Henkelhausen .



De Vrienden Van Brosella vzw
Les Amis De Brosella asbl


Chrysantenstraat 28
1020 Brussel, België

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