Myrddin y su familia

09/07/2021 - 22h-23h

Flamenco meets gypsy jazz

Myrddin effortlessly blends his urge to experiment and his deeply lyrical experience into one personal sound.

For Brosella XXS Myrddin, youngest son of Koen De Cauter, invites family and friends for an exceptional concert where gipsy jazz and flamenco are the main ingredients.  The De Cauter family has been associated for many years with the music of Django Reinhardt and they are also one of the best ambassadors of this Belgian master.

Myrddin De Cauter - guitar/clarinet, Lionel Beuvens - percussion, Vigdis De Cauter - piano, Djalt Baculai - trumpet, Koen De Cauter - clarinet/guitar/vocals, Waso De Cauter - guitar, Dajo De Cauter - double bass, Sofia Diaz - vocals



De Vrienden Van Brosella vzw
Les Amis De Brosella asbl


Chrysantenstraat 28
1020 Brussel, België

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