11/07/2021 - 15h-16h

The future of Afro jazz

Brussels-based multi-instrumentalist Esinam Dogbatse combines traditional instruments such as flute, piano and percussion with her warm voice in her unique sound. Her compositions are a special cocktail of European and African influences and are inspired by the many experiences she has acquired during her travels, meetings and collaborations.

Her latest single "New Dawn", released at the end of April, is an ode to the hope that a new day brings. It is a poetic but also danceable song, strongly inspired by Ghanaian Afro beat. The result is a beautiful blend of urban Afro jazz and makes us look forward to her new full-length album, which will be released on June 11.

Esinam Dogbatse (flute, piano, percussion) Pablo Casella (guitar), Axel Gilain (bass) & Martin Méreau




De Vrienden Van Brosella vzw
Les Amis De Brosella asbl


Chrysantenstraat 28
1020 Brussel, België

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