Bella Ciao

02.07 - 22u30

With Bella Ciao on stage, Brosella has one of the oldest and most important Italian groups that have contributed to the revival of Italian traditional music. From the beginning half a century ago, the group has sought musical stories in which the world of 'ordinary' people was central. Songs about love, work, religion or resistance... the great strength was that they showed another side of Italian history. In recent years, the musical focus has increasingly shifted to music from the south of the boot, particularly Sardinian music. These songs from Puglia or Naples, carried by Mediterranean rhythms like the tammuriata, the ballo tondo and the pizzica and with raw love poems and harsh protest songs where sensuality and deprivation meet on these fault lines. Bella Ciao will offer a fantastic musical finale on Saturday

Riccardo Tesi
Elena Ledda
Lucilla Galeazzi
Alessio Laga
Nando Citarella

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