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Aurélie Dorzée & Tom Theuns

In 2004 Aurélie Dorzée and Tom Theuns founded the group Aurelia together. They hired the virtuoso jazz percussionist Stephan Pougin and after a few successful performances they were invited by Michel Vanachter to record their debut album with the newly founded Homerecords. FESTINA LENTE received overwhelming positive reviews in the Walloon and Flemish press and was nominated for the KLARA Audience Award.

"That's the way it should be, you put on a record and there are no words to describe what's on your mind" (De Standaard) **** (Vers L'Avenir). "C'est beau et inclassable, liquide et relevé" *** (Le Soir)

In 2009 they bought a boat, the Aurelia Feria, which was partly furnished as a home and partly as a concert hall. Under the impulse of the booking office Musicidea, they travelled all over Flanders and Wallonia and gave about 120 adventurous concerts. In 2011, there was even a tour on stand of 12 concerts on the Seine from Paris to Rouen, something that was still unseen in that region. These maritime adventures were the inspiration for their second concept album HYPNOGOL (Homerecords), the tale of a lonely inland skipper on the edge of madness. On this record they experimented more with timbres. Guest musicians were Michel Massot on Tuba and Sara Salverius on accordion.

A third record THE HOUR OF THE WOLF (Homerecords) drew inspiration from the dark films of filmmaker Ingmar Bergman, for whom Tom & Aurélie share a common passion.
"It is the symbiosis of voices and instruments and the search for unpublished sound and structure that drags the listener along...". (The Standard)

"With this new album Aurelia proofs to be one of the most inventive European folk related groups" (Folkworld)

After a few concerts in Senegal and Algeria and a trip through Mali a musical collaboration came about with Serigne CM Gueye, a master percussionist from Dakar. Together they recorded the african tinted fourth album LA CREATION DU MONDE.

"Un voyage calme, lent et puissant entre la sérénité et l'ecstasy" *** (Le Soir)

"The result is a stunning disc with violin, guitar and calabash as bearing instruments and a singing of all three that will leave no one indifferent" **** (Norran, Sweden)
Tom Theuns - guitar
Aurélie Dorzée - violin / vocals
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