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Bram De Looze

Piano virtuoso in our magical Green theater!
As De Looze’s discography and web of national and international connections increase in size, it becomes more apparent how personal his music is and how it succeeds in combining an inner urge with an outward curiosity. His playing is refined and thoughtful, not just cerebral. If anything, the pianist is always on the lookout for new modes of expression, and not just experimenting with the key ingredients of melody, harmony and rhythm, but also going to a more basic, deeper level, where resonances, moods and densities are continually turned inside-out as parts of a steady work-in-progress.

As a member of Belgium’s LABtrio, which he co-founded at the age of 16, Bram De Looze (°1991) immediately impressed with his singular combination of technical skill and maturity. In a generation full of talent, De Looze became one of its brightest stars. A scholarship to study at the highly regarded New School For Jazz And Contemporary Music in New York became the start of a more international orientation.

The seeds that were planted on Switch The Stream are blossoming on Colour Talk. What you hear is a musician who has freed himself from stylistic constraints and limitations. While still rooted in jazz, classical music and free improvisation have found a new balance, a coexistence that enables the pianist to express himself with a new vigour. Switching between shorter pieces that feel like curious, unresolved puzzles and more extended explorations, Colour Talk, is once again an ode to (re)invention in the grey zone where the classical idiom and improvisatory urges meet, with the 13-minutes long tour-de-force “Hypnosis” as one of several undisputed highlights.

If you asked De Looze about his current position as an artist, he would probably tell you that it’s all about forward movement and the need to keep evolving, about a trajectory as work-in-progress. However, if you consider Colour Talk as a freeze frame of where De Looze is at, it is hard not to consider it a highlight in a career that should have some more surprises in store.
Bram De Looze - piano
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