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Pauline Leblond trio

Pauline wanted to surround herself with a rhythm section without any harmonic instruments, so that everyone could enjoy greater freedom.
This trio therefore offers you a freshness by readapting standards as well as personal compositions, since the absence of a harmonic instrument brings space; a breathing space necessary to listen to the different atmospheres offered by the three musicians. Between them, we hear a permanent dialogue privileging sometimes the rhythmic aspect of each of the instruments, sometimes the timbres, sometimes the harmonic and melodic colours. In a small group such as this one, everyone has their place to take the time to express themselves, to reveal themselves, to develop... an element that Pauline consideres important, and it is together that they shape and propose this energy that will captivate you!
Doublebass : Victor Foulon
Drums : Matthias de Waele
Trumpet : Pauline Leblond
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