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Brussels Balkan Orchestra XS

Steaming folk!
For this special edition of Brosella XXS, the orchestra presents its compact version and immerses the first day of the festival in the heart of Balkan folklore. Warm music, often festive, of which the Brussels Balkan Orchestra usually plays a danceable and convivial version.
Balkan music has become increasingly well-known in Brussels. The Brussels Balkan Orchestra has not waited long to create a new repertoire for the Brussels Balkans. Over the years, this group of professional and amateur musicians has become a true intercultural ambassador. Led by violinist Nicolas Hauzeur, this folk group travels with musicians from jazz or classical to Moldavian, Transylvanian and Bulgarian. For this XXS edition of Brosella the orchestra proposes a smaller version for the first folk day. Warm and festive music will make you want to dance (on your chair of course)!
Javier Breton (bass),
Milen Donchev (tambura),
Victor Abel (keyboard),
Noémie Picavet (accordéon),
Manu Haessig (clarinet & sax),
Anaïs Lambert (violin, singer)
Nicolas Hauzeur (violin, singer)
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