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Blue Mockingbirds

BEL     Kids, JAZZ
In February 2019, six musicians from Brussels travelled to New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz. Fascinated by the jazz of the twenties, they will immerse themselves in the typical Louisian lifestyle with local musicians in the streets and jazz clubs of the French Quarter. They are invited several times in a club in the legendary Bourbonstreet. They propose Leonie Evans to share the stage. The symbiosis between the seven musicians is astonishing and would soon lead to the creation of the BLUE MOCKINGBIRDS.
In November 2019 they will record their debut album. The album " Out of the Nest " is an ode to New Orleans. A record that, like this city, is divided between virtue and depravity, tradition and avant-garde, fragrant with spices and immersed in the murky waters of the Mississippi. An album full of passion.
Anton Kerkhof - clarinet
Antoine Lissoir - sax
Timothé Lemaire - trombone
Leonie Evans
Guillaume Gillain - guitar
Felix Heymans - bass
Kai Carter - banjo
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