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BEL     Jazz, World
Contemporary world and jazz with oriental influences
3'Ain is a brand new trio in which Yamen Martini (trumpet), Otto Kint (double bass) and Piet Maris (accordion) join forces: they play contemporary jazz with oriental influences.
In 2015 Yamen came from Syria to Belgium, where he met Piet: the two of them started a musical duo at a theatre performance in 2016. Later, Piet invited Yamen to join Jaune Toujours as a guest musician, as can be heard on their latest album Europeana. In the summer of 2019 Otto was asked to join their musical adventure: the new trio 3'Ain was born.
The band's name is based on ع, the eighteenth letter in the Arabic alphabet: one of the most difficult vowels for Western people to pronounce. Because in Arab chat and text message conversations it is often represented as 3 and written out as 'ain', 3 ' A i n seemed an appropriate name for a trio that plays contemporary jazz with Middle Eastern influences.
Saturday the 8th of August 2020
16h - 16h 50
20h - 20h 50
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