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Edmar Castañeda Trio feat. Gregoire Maret

The superlative form of the harp.

With Edmar Castaneda, we present a pure musician who is impossible to classify. Anyone who thinks that you can only make pretty music on the harp will never think so again after this concert.

This Colombian living in New York plays the harp with just as much power and spirit as flamenco musicians play their guitar. Edmar Castaneda has been playing the harp since he was thirteen. His style is unique as this South American blends Latin jazz with traditional Colombian music in his playing. The harp is a widely used instrument in Colombian music and Castaneda has succeeded in translating his harp-playing into the realm of jazz.

Since he moved to the USA in 1994, Castaneda has become a global phenomenon. He has played with stars such as trumpeter Wynton Marsalis, guitarist John Scofield, saxophonist Paquito D'Rivera, mandolin player Hamilton de Holanda, but also with Sting or Paco De Lucia. He joins the festival this year with his trio, completed by saxophonist Shlomi Cohen and drummer Rodrigo Villalon.

And who else could he invite as a guest at the Brosella festival than the Swiss harmonica player and Grammy winner Grégroire Maret, regarded by many as the successor to our own Toots?

''Producing cross-rhythms like a drummer, smashing chordal flourishes like a flamenco Guitarist and collating bebop and Colombian music, Edmar is almost a world unto himself''. (New York Times)

Edmar Castaneda : harp
Shlomo Cohen : saxophone
Rodrigo Villalon : drums
Grégoire Maret: harmonica
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