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Pekko Käppi & K:H:H:L

FIN     Folk
Traditional jouhikko songs with an American swamp flavour.

Pekko Käppi is an outsider in Finnish folk. First, he’s an addict of the very traditional jouhikko, a three-string lyre, played with a bow. The instrument is considered a precursor of the violin and related instruments are found in Wales (the crwth) and in Estonia (the talharpa). As a singer, he explores traditional Finnish runic singing and other ancient Finnish traditions, but he does so with the energy and a wall-of-sound approach reminiscent of the most impressive punk or hard rock bands.

Especially for the Brosella Festival, Käppi, together with K: H: H: L (which is supposed to be an abbreviation of 'Bones of the Dead Crazy Horses') will present a more acoustic set, blending Finnish folk tradition with some blues and rock, performed on cigar box guitars.

The lyrics range from universal themes such as love and death to Finnish voodoo or ancient groove and, although Käppi and his pals stand squarely in the tradition, the iconic band sounds utterly contemporary. No wonder they win one award after another in their home country.

''Finland’s wild man of the jouhikko (bowed lyre)…dark swamp-blues grooves, his gnomic, Incredible-String-Band-paralleling vocals leading a massed chorus in a steamy, punky extension of the runo-song tradition.” (fRoots)

Pekko Käppi: jouhikko (bowed lyre), vocals
Tommi Laine: cigar box three-string guitar, vocals
Nuutti Vapaavuori: cigar box two-string bass, vocals
Jani Auvinen: percussion, vocals
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