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© Lieve Boussauw

Alegria e Liberta

ESP, BEL, ITA     Folk
Festive female power.

Female power with a festive edge, that’s how we’re opening the festival. Alegria e Liberta offers us the forgotten stories as they have been sung for centuries by women from Italy and northern Spain. They draw strength from them for their work, the potato harvest or the spinning of jute fibres. They encourage each other while waiting for their men, fishing at sea. They resist the dictatorship ... These are folk songs that spring from the culture, the roots, the identity that a people wants to pass on.

Alegria e Liberta – between muñeira and tarantella – represents the meeting of the voices; that of the ‘passionaria’ of the Italian folk song, Lucilla Galeazzi, and those of the marvellous Galician ‘cantareiras’ of Ialma. A repertoire snaking between tradition and modernity, sublimated by Didier Laloy‘s diatonic accordion, Carlo Rizzo‘s tamburello and Maarten Decombel‘s guitar.

Songs that tell us about the woman, the land, the identity, the struggle, but also the celebration and the joy of singing and dancing … in complete freedom.

“Multiple voices, sound games and dynamic changes striking you with opulence, but no excessive or overloaded feeling what so ever. A very strong singalong”Bart Vanoutrive, Newfolksounds

Lucilla Galeazzi: vocals
Veronica Codesal: vocals, pandereta
Marisol Palomo,: vocals, pandereta
Natalia Codesal: vocals, pandereta
Eva Fernandez: vocals, pandereta
Carlo Rizzo: tamburello
Maarten Decombel: guitar
Didier Laloy: diatonic accordion