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Lars Danielsson & Paolo Fresu

SWE, ITA     Jazz
When simplicity means beauty.

The lucky ones who were present at the 40th edition of the Brosella Festival will have long remembered the last appearance of Paolo Fresu on the Green Theatre stage. Indeed, accompanied by the Corsican polyphonic kernel of A Filetta and the bandoneon player Daniele Di Bonaventura, Paolo Fresu performed a concert full of emotion, dedicated to the characters of the writer Aimé Césaire and the resistance fighter Jean Nicoli. He will be back this year with another great master of melodic lyricism: Swedish bassist and cellist Lars Danielsson. They will present their new project, Summerwind, a set of compositions and covers that the duo interprets in a very airy and gentle way.

Their music calls for travel, from wild Sardinian mountains to endless Swedish forests. The trumpet of Paolo Fresu marks us with his expressiveness and his style, which reminds one sometimes of Chet Baker or Miles Davis. The double bass of Lars Danielsson impresses by the facility with which it creates melodies, purified and haunting at the same time. The duo exudes a sense of calmness, but also brings a warm glow, like a smouldering fire that generates the right balance in every composition.

Not a single note is unnecessary with Fresu and Danielson; every sound and every silence has meaning. This concert promises to be an intimate and poetic encounter in the magical Ossegem Park.

Paolo Fresu: trumpet, flugelhorn
Lars Danielsson: double bass, cello