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Butcher Brown

USA     Jazz
A new generation of musicians renewing today's jazz.

It was during one of his concerts in Belgium that Corey Fonville, Christian Scott's regular drummer, told us about his project Butcher Brown, a combo of multi-instrumentalists and all-rounders made up of New York musicians who cut their teeth in the Jazz-Rock-Funk fusion of the mid 70's. Its members are not yet thirty, but their musicality, energy and ability to fuse genres have impressed the American jazz scene. This will be the first European tour for this young band that uses both hip-hop references from the '90s and the free jazz movement of the' 50s and '60s, altering, breaking and toying with jazz conventions by adding a young, funky touch.

The band reminds us of Headhunters, but also of Soulive; improvisations are the main course of this high-energy menu. The Butcher Brown concerts are full of soaring and groovy vibes – you just can't keep your head still or stop your heart thumping.

Brosella wants to show that it can still reinvent itself after 43 years: let youth take the stage!

Marcus Tenney: trumpet
DJ Harrison: keyboards
Andrew Randazzo: bass
Morgan Burrs: guitar
Corey Fonville: drums

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