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Pérez, Cohen, Potter Quintet

PAN, ISR, USA     Jazz
A supergroup to celebrate women artists and writers.

Pianist Danilo Pérez, trumpeter Avishai Cohen, and saxophonist Chris Potter join forces in an exciting new band. Having travelled in similar jazz scene circles throughout their careers, these diverse artists formed a strong artistic and personal bond while celebrating the legacy of the genre on the Jazz 100 tour. Joined by a rhythm section that includes bassist Larry Grenadier, the members of this band merge their unique styles in an exhilarating display of virtuosity that knows no boundaries of genre.

Their original compositions celebrate the lives, works, and activism of women such as Maya Angelou, Angela Davis, Sian Ya’ari, Zelda, and others. ‘It’s unusual for a group of guys to get together to write music for iconic women,’ says Pérez, but it shouldn’t be. This ensemble sets forth to contribute to the current social political conversation in a positive way. Pérez continues, ‘We as musicians need to be writing about and talking about topics that are important, that are essential to humanity.’

Danilo Pérez: piano
Avishai Cohen: trumpet
Chris Potter: saxophone
Larry Grenadier: double bass
Johnathan Blake: drums