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Danças Ocultas feat. Dom La Nena

PRT, BRA     Folk, World, Accordeon
The poetry of four accordions and one enchanting singer.

“A trip to heaven”. That’s what we’re about to discover with the combination of the sweet voice of the young Brazilian singer and cellist Dom La Nena and the poetry of the Portuguese accordion quartet Danças Ocultas. Both share an impressionistic, tender universe of captivating fragility.

Danças Ocultas grew from a group of experimental music students to one of Portugal's most successful and innovative music projects. With four diatonic accordions, including a bass accordion – their own invention - the musicians create a characteristic and very recognizable sound, in which the practical and innovative use of air is striking.

The young Brazilian cellist and singer Dom La Nena (Dominique Pinto) is often compared to Lhasa de Sela and now resides in France. Still in her twenties, she already has an impressive record, including performances with Jane Birkin, Camille, Jeanne Moreau and Piers Facini. Her heavenly sweet voice arouses admiration and her compositions translate the fragility of someone who was alienated from her roots at a young age.

Together, they interpret melancholic saudades: penetrating melodies, evoking memories and cinematic images, but above all creating enchantment and emotion.

"There is no doubt Dom La Nena is becoming one of the major female voices in Latin music.” NPR
"Dom is like a very deft magician, and every song sounds sacred.” The New Yorker
“Danças Ocultas have managed to leave the circuit of mere accordion lovers and to perform on big stages” Jazz Thing

Dom la Nena: vocals, cello
Artur Fernandes: diatonic accordion
Filipe Cal: diatonic accordion
Filipe Ricardo: diatonic accordion
Francisco Miguel: diatonic accordion
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