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Echoes of Zoo feat. Pantelis Stoikos

BEL, GRC     Jazz
Psychedelic jazz with a punk attitude.

A double ”carte blanche” (free hand) is the logical consequence of Brosella's deliberate choice of viewing folk and jazz broadly from a clear Brussels and contemporary point of view. That is why we decided to give this double opportunity to the young musical jack-of-all-trades, Nathan Daems, who feels as much at home in jazz as in folk, and, whenever it's possible, which is fortunately often the case, grabs every opportunity to cut across both artificial artistic boundaries. This is a statement that illustrates clearly Brosella’s way of thinking, a refusal to approach music through pigeon-holes and categories. Edmar Castaneda's programming during the folk day only goes to confirm our commitment.

Even if its members are known for being part of Black Flower, Beren Gieren or Compro Oro, Echoes of Zoo emerged from Nathan’s biggest childhood inspiration, Rage Against The Machine: the power of a music that's always ready to explode as well as the theme of revolt by society’s underdogs. Echoes of Zoo’s incredible energy consists roughly of melodies and improvizations that remind one of the East as well as of Brazilian and West African ritualistic voodoo rhythms, resulting in what they call an oriental and animal groove.

It is said that there was a time when we could talk with the animals. They still talk today, but we stopped listening, they are no longer understood. Echoes of Zoo screams a cry of revolt and brings a message of struggle and survival. Messages from the animal world are translated, allowing people to learn to decipher them again. Everyone will understands what suits him or her, the most important thing is to listen.

At Brosella Festival, Echoes of Zoo will be exceptionally accompanied by Pantelis Stoikos, one of the most creative contemporary trumpet players of the Balkan world jazz scene. A versatile musician, who masters the codes of jazz, contemporary music and free improvisation, but also moves very naturally between several regional styles, from Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey to Romania. He usually conducts his own projects like the Balarom trio, the Pantelis Stoikos Quartet or the Florina Brass Band. So, don’t miss the opportunity to witness Pantelis Stoikos in concert with Echoes of Zoo !

Nathan Daems: tenor saxophone
Falk Schrauwen: drums
Bart Vervaeck: electric guitar
Lieven Van Pee: electric bass
Pantelis Stoikos: trumpet
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