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Fanfare Ciocărlia

ROU     Gypsy Brass
Balkan party on speed.

The Romanian wind orchestra Fanfare Ciocârlia has been renowned for years as the fastest and craziest gypsy orchestra in the Balkans. The horn section is able to play between 130 and 200 notes per minute with its famous fast staccato tonguing technique. Whether or not they are the true speed champions is not really important. One thing is however certain: every performance sparks off a huge party.

Having started out as a local wedding band in a small village in north-eastern Romania, Fanfare Ciocârlia today reaches a global audience with their exuberant brass straight from the Balkans. This twelve-member group of musical enthusiasts is recognized worldwide as one of the best live acts, with an enormous amount of energy, spirit, musicality and an unleashed sense of craziness and, above all, without one ounce of pretension. On top of all that, they’re good singers too.

Virile songs, which literally blow you away, are interspersed with melodies in which subtlety, nuance and finesse predominate and in which one hears even better the exceptional skills of the musicians. Ciocârlia regularly flirts with other music genres. Think of their version of “Born to Be Wild” for the Borat movie or the radical adaptations of the James Bond theme or Duke Ellington's Caravan, not to mention their epic brass battles against another band – this one Serbian. But in the end, this top band breathes the Romanian and Romany tradition like no other.

“...the best party animal on the planet...The energy goes round in a figure of eight - out from the band into the audience who are jumping, waving, snogging and back into the band who drive it to further frenzy...” (The Evening Standard)

Oprica Ivancea: alto saxophone, soprano clarinet
Dan Ionel Ivancea: alto saxophone, vocals
Costica Trifan: trumpet, vocals
Paul Marian Bulgaru: trumpet
Radulescu Lazar: trumpet, vocals
Craciun Trifan: trumpet
Benedikt Stehle: percussion
Costel Ursu: bass drum
Vasile Stangaciu: tuba
Sergiu Nastase: tuba
Constantin Calin: tenor horn
Laurentiu Ivancea: baritone horn
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