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Marquis Hill Blacktet

USA     Jazz
Inspired by the Afro-American legacy.

Winner of the Monk Award, arguably the most important jazz competition in the world, Marquis Hill is a great trumpet player who, despite his youth – he's 29 - has earned a solid reputation by becoming one of the leading figures of this new generation of jazz musicians, known for boldness and risk taking.

From his beginnings as one of Chicago’s most thrilling young trumpeters, to his current status as an internationally renowned musician, composer and bandleader, Marquis Hill has worked tirelessly to break down the barriers that divide musical genres. Contemporary and classic jazz, hip-hop, R&B, Chicago house, neo-soul—to Hill, they’re all essential elements of the profound African-American creative heritage he’s a part of. “It all comes from the same tree,” he says. “They simply blossomed from different branches.”

In this perspective, Marquis Hill has collaborated with many big names, including Marcus Miller, Dee Dee Bridgewater, James Boney, Kurt Elling, Joe Lovano and another famous acolyte of the new Chicago scene, Makaya McCraven.

This mission - bringing together different styles - and the perfect control of his instrument have become the trademark and common thread in Marquis Hill’s various projects. He will perform at the Brosella Festival with his Blacktet, a unique ensemble that has become some kind of high school for future great talents.

Marquis Hill: trumpet
Patrick Bartley: alto sax
Mike King: piano/keys
Jeremiah Hunt: bass
Jonathan Pinson: drums
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