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Stéphane Kerecki French Touch

FRA, BEL     Jazz
When jazz transcends French Touch.

An amazing gamble in the form of a tribute: to take up with a group of real jazz soloists some of the historical titles of the 'French Touch', the 'New Wave of electronic music', without using electronic instrumentation. One can hear Daft Punk of course, but also Phoenix, Air, Chassol, Kavinsky, Justice and M83, in short everything that has been simmering in Paris to stir the dance floors of the entire planet. While jazz has always used popular music to renew its repertoire and reinvent its sounds, the French Touch has never been appropriated by jazz musicians.

This concert is part of a real tradition in jazz, which has always absorbed the popular music of its time to reinvent itself. And the result is amazing: lyricism, expression, improvisation, where a simple treatment of a new kind of standard was expected. Obviously the artisans of this metamorphosis are all true craftsmen, as leaders in their respective groups, but also as sidemen. Their exceptional talent allows them to make music from any ingredients, and gives them the ability to perform jazz with this, to say the least, unexpected material.

It is definitely a conclusive experiment, full of new sensations for those who know the original songs and plenty of discoveries for those who are to be introduced to the world of the French Touch. This is a Brosella concert under the sign of originality and inventive melodies, which, to our own surprise, we can’t stop humming, again and again.

Stéphane Kerecki: double bass
Jozef Dumoulin: piano, keyboards
Fabrice Moreau: drums
Julien Lourau: soprano saxophone
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