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Urbex feat. Magic Malik & Jozef Dumoulin

BEL, FRA     Jazz
Explorations in sound by the new Belgian jazz scene.

The tone is clearly set by the name of the project, URBEX, a pastime that involves exploring abandoned, usually urban places which nature is gradually taking back. And musical explorations were already taking place when we welcomed the band back in 2015, when this ensemble, barely out of its infancy, presented its first recordings. This album, followed by high-energy concerts, made Urbex one of today’s standard bearers of the new Belgian jazz generation.

Another album has been released since and the idea of inviting them again to the festival seemed logical, because rather than presenting us with a sound universe descended directly from what the band was doing before, Urbex’s music has evolved, exploring new frontiers in the discovery of electronic effects and soaring atmospheric soundscapes. What's more, the title of their second album is no accident: "Sketches of Nowhere" is a clear reference to one of the greatest jazz explorers, Miles Davis, who tirelessly made efforts to couple jazz to various other musical genres.

At this year’s festival, we are ready to take-off and head for a groovy galaxy, somewere between reality and the imaginary, in the lush setting of the Green Theatre. Urbex will be accompanied by the Fender Rhodes magician, Jozef Dumoulin, and the enchanting flute of Magic Malik, whom we welcomed a few years ago when we offered the Oak Tree the freedom of the stage.

Jean-Paul Estiévenart: trumpet
Bert Cools: guitar
Bram De Looze: piano
Félix Zurstrassen: electric bass
Antoine Pierre: drums

Jozef Dumoulin: Fender Rhodes
Magic Malik: flute
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